Piercings and wearing earrings were among the known aesthetic practices people do for years. While a popular practice among women, more men nowadays start to do this with the goal of enhancing their personal style. But tracing back to the history of piercings, this procedure has also been utilized by some men and even came up with different piercings like tragus piercing.

What is tragus piercing?

Since time immemorial, piercings were done on the earlobes and became somewhat the standard way of piercing for aesthetic purposes. Throughout the years, people came up with different piercing procedures aside from the earlobes like on the tragus.

Tragus is the small flap of cartilage found at the ear’s opening, which somewhat works as a door towards the ear canal. However, not all individuals immediately embrace the concept of tragus ear piercings due to tragus’ physical properties. Tragus is considerably stiffer compared to the earlobes, concerning people about potential pain to experience in having the piercing. However, modern enhancements resulted to experiencing lesser pain in getting the piercing while assuring people’s safety. Nowadays, more people start to have tragus piercing and personalize their style.

Earrings for Tragus Ear Piercings

Increased number of having this type of piercing caused accessory manufacturers to come up with the best earring designs for specific buyers. Three earring types can be placed on this piercing and accessory designers came up with fresh ideas in making the following kinds more appealing to buyers.

1. Barbell earrings
Barbell earrings are defined by its name. It resembles a barbell when two pieces are put together. The first part of the earring has a ball end, which is attached to the main piece that pierce through the tragus. Completing its barbell-like design is another ball that locks the earring into place.

The end stud or ball is now designed with various colors, stones and other precious gems like diamonds. They may also have cuff-like design and dangling accessories that make its design look more fashionable than before.

2. Captive earrings
This earring is similar with the rings women wore daily, but are smaller in size. It also has a ball where the other end of the ring will be inserted for security.

They also come in various finishes and materials that suit buyers’ preferences.

3. Stud earrings
People who have simple personal style prefer to have earrings without elaborate designs, making stud earrings popular among individuals with tragus piercing. Stud earrings are simple in a sense that people will only see the main stud on the pierced area. Locks that keep this earring in place are not visible so they become more appealing in the eyes of other individuals.

More people now have tragus ear piercings and they enjoy their effect on their personal style. With these details, more individuals will understand what this type of piercing is and how it will be beneficial for aesthetic purposes. People with this piercing will find the best earring options that meet their style and leave a good impression in front of others with the help of expert accessory designers