Perfect Blend of Elegance & Fashion with Effective Anti Tragus Piercing

Brief Synopsis about Anti Tragus Piercing

In this contemporary era, where women and men compete equally in the fashion world, looking good is just not enough. Extraordinary finesse, elegance, poise and fashionable adornments are imperative to enhance the overall personality of a being. One is judged not only by his or her brains but also for the way they look and present themselves in a confident manner.

Jewelry by far has gone a long way in revolutionizing conventional and antique forms into contemporary and modern jewelry accessories. It takes effort and dedication to transform your overall self into a radiant, charming and wonderful personality by making a few enhancements to your current jewelry styles and embellishments. Anti Tragus Piercing has recently emerged as a fashionable trend where young girls and boys and elderly women enhance their look with specially designed earrings and jewelry for the anti tragus. Anti tragus piercing is the process of perforating the upper part of cartilage that appears just outside of the ear. This kind of piercing is advantageous to those who have enough cartilage space and when there is ample scope for piercing. Of course if you are fond of ear jewelry accessories then this could be the best option for you although you need to take a lot of aftercare post anti tragus piercing.

Ear Accessories that go with Anti Tragus Piercing

You can thus insert and wear outstanding pieces of fashionable and exotic jewelry in your inner ear cartilage by going through this process of Anti tragus piercing. It may be painful depending on your sensitivity levels and proper care should be taken for a minimum of 8 months from the time of piercing. Daily cleansing of the ear tragi with a hygienic saline solution will help you keep the ears clean and free of infections. The types of ear rings jewelry designed for specific purpose are interesting – rings, studded ear rings, stone studded or gold plated curved barbells, antique or oxidized ball closure designs, circular rings in the form of barbells or simple studs made of precious stones and metals. The designs for Anti tragus piercing are varied and versatile giving you opportunity to use your imagination and creative instinct to come up with spectacular jewelry designs for studs and earrings.

Types of Jewelry Materials

In recent times, the kinds of materials used for jewelry in cases of anti tragus piercing are distinctive ranging from acrylic, glass, radium, gold, semi gold, precious stones to Titanium, Platinum, Diamonds, ultra violet, silver, silicone and many other organic and natural materials. Based on your preference of color, price, fashion trends and jewelry that go with your chosen outfits you can adorn your ears with the best anti tragus-suited earrings. College goers mark the highest percentage of youth who opt for this process of Anti tragus piercing as they are extremely fashion conscious and uncompromising when it comes to looks! Why not? Your attitude is more or less ascertained by the way you look, dress and present yourself.

Earrings add elegance with a poise sense of dignity to your overall personality. Care should be taken to choose the jewelry material, style and design that best enhances your anti tragus piercing.


Anti tragus piercing is thus a fairly new concept that has originated as a fresh new fashion statement to replace the age-old ear lobe piercing process. However, there are some common misconceptions about anti tragus piercing, which state that one may lose their mental equilibrium owing to certain disturbances in fluids that run inside the ear at the time of piercing. Such notions are immaterial and false as there are vital fluids that flow through the ears in the inner ear drums on not on the outer surface of the tragi. This is a clean, genuine and safe process and anyone who is interested in experimenting with new look and contemporary jewelry can give it a try.

A Word of Caution

Last but not the least a general word of caution to all those who wish to opt for this Anti tragus piercing is to be sure to look for a licensed professional to take you through this process. It is safe and not too expensive making it accessible for students and young professionals who would like to make a fashion statement of their own.

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