The Significant Tragus Piercing Aftercare to Follow

Tragus piercing needs special care to avoid possible complications or infection and it is very important that you follow the tragus piercing aftercare to ensure proper healing. It takes about two to four months for tragus piercing to heal although there are some people that heal faster than usual.

Tragus piercing does not hurt at all although different people might not share the same experience with it. It is very important to strictly follow the aftercare for your tragus piercing so that it won’t cause any trouble for you.

Tragus Piercing Aftercare to Follow

In order to make certain that you will achieve proper and smooth healing; you should take note of the following tragus piercing aftercare:

  • You need to keep your tragus area clean at all times to ensure faster and worry-free healing. Prepare the things that you will need such as cotton balls, disinfectant or saline solution (you can buy prepared solution or prepare it yourself by boiling thoroughly mixed 8 oz. or 1 cup water with quarter teaspoon of sea salt for 5 minutes).

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and make sure to dry them properly before proceeding. Soak a piece of cotton ball in the solution and apply it on the piercing making sure that the solution seeps through the pierced hole. If you can already twist the earring gently, then do so to evenly distribute the solution around the tragus area. The cleaning should take place at least two or three times a day.
  • Never touch the pierced tragus area if your hand is dirty because it might give way to infection that can lead to complications. If irritation occurs or there’s a presence of fluid discharge in the tragus area, then you need to slowly loosen the earring or change it and wipe off the discharge with your clean hand. Wash your hand with an anti-bacterial soap first before wiping the fluid.
  • Make sure that your sleeping area is clean most especially the pillows that you are using to rest your head to avoid infection. Make sure to change the pillow case or the pillows on regular basis to ensure safety. Avoid touching your ear even if you are sleeping. You can use soft and clean mittens if you are uncertain that you can prevent scratching your ear.
  • Expect the formation of crust around the earring. The crust is transparent and its presence only means that the healing process is ongoing. Do not try to scrape it off using your finger, fingernails, or any tool that you can use to remove it – it will only give big trouble. The formation can be very itchy but avoid scratching it at all cost.
  • Do not wear any type of clothing that will most likely scratch the tragus area (like collared shirts or pull-overs) because it can lead to complication. Wear button shirts instead just to make sure that your tragus area is safe.
  • ┬áBe very carefully when using your phone when answering a call. You must make sure that your phone will not touch the tragus area. Use of earphones and headsets are prohibited for obvious reasons.

Important Reminders to Keep in Mind

Don’t rotate the earring in your piercing within the first few days although some might suggest rotating your earring after the piercing. When the first few days lased you can turn it slowly although that is not really necessary but when you do, don’t ever think that you will be able to spin the entire earring like a wheel.

You need to take good care of your tragus piercing for at least one to two months or longer (depending on how fast you usually heal your wounds)to ensure smooth healing. Be diligent enough to practice the aftercare if you really want to make it work for you and to avoid any inconvenience.

Never let your tragus piercing gets infected because it will consume more time to heal. Some people took years to heal their piercing because of negligence or lack of knowledge regarding the proper care.

Never let any hair products get into your piercing because it will surely cause an infection.

If you will religiously follow the tragus piercing aftercare, then you will be able to heal faster than you normally would.

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