Tragus Piercing Infection

Ear piercing is one of the oldest practices of body piercing and it is not restricted to the earlobes any more. Now days, it is a common observation to find many people who have pierced different parts of the ear. One of these observations is the piercing done at the tragus, which is located immediately outside ear canal. Tragus piercing is not often painful because the tragus has fewer nerve endings. Moreover, cartilage in the tragus area is so thick that piercing requires a lot of pressure so as to make perforation. Due to the immense pressure applied, tragus piercing may cause some discomfort and eventually infection may appear.

One of the common causes of tragus infections is the improper care after piercing. It is paramount that after piercing, the tragus should be cleaned at least 3 times a day with salt solutions or antiseptic solution. Most people are careless after they have pierced their tragus and often this leads to quick infection on the pierced area. Moreover, cleaning too much may also be one of the reasons for tragus infection. Therefore, proper care should be taken into consideration after piercing since infection can spread to internal ear thus causing hearing impairment.
It is also possible that type of jewelry worn on the tragus can cause infections. One should be very careful with artificial earrings as most of them may be made of poor quality metals hence they are harmful to the tragus. Jewelry made of gold, platinum, titanium, and silver are the best metals that are suitable to be worn as they are not corrosive and do not cause any harm. Therefore, the earrings should be comfortable and lose when they are worn so that they cannot cause any injury.
Apart from the above reasons for tragus infections, if the tragus piercing is not done by a professional with proper hygiene, then infections are prone to occur. Therefore, when looking for someone to perform ear piercing, it is paramount to look for someone who is well known with good reputation other than those who may do it cheaply yet they are not professionals.

A tragus infection symptom usually appears as swelling and pain during the initial days. However, swelling is common but if the pierced area is infected, then inflammation and redness are observed coupled with pain. After some few days, there is a chance of pustules development with sores around the pierced area. Eventually, there may be a discharge of greenish or yellowish fluids usually with a bad odor. If this goes untreated, then infections may spread to inner parts of the ear.

The treatment of tragus infections is a simple task and as such jewelry should be avoided since it can cause the piercing to enclose the exposed area with infections, this can lead to the tragus area to rot unnoticed. If the infections are mild, it wise to consult your doctor who will prescribe the necessary medication upon inspection to cure the infected area. However, if the infection is not mild, the natural remedies to cure which includes the use of salt solution or the antiseptics to soak the infected area for some time.
Other treatment practice that has been successfully used to prevent the tragus infections includes the application of hydrogen peroxide or alcohol on the infected area. However, this may cause skin irritation for those who are allergic to hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, thus making the infected surface worse and more painful. Another way may be the use of the wound antibiotic cream which is applied on the recommendations of the doctor or the piercer who is well versed with ear infections.

Since the healing process may take quite some time, the best mode is to prevent the infection. Also, with infection, it can be embarrassing or discomfort especially when you are with your friends. Therefore, after piercing, avoid touching the pierced area except with clean hands. This will help to reduce the chances of bacterial infections. Also, before cleaning the tragus, make sure your hands have been cleaned with an antibacterial soap. Good care of the tragus does not only helps prevent infections but it help to make sure that it tragus heals faster than expected.

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