Tragus Piercing: No Pain No Gain?

Tragus Piercing has come in vogue in recent years for the purpose of wearing specially designed fashionable jewelry on the tragus. This process involves perforation of the tragus that appears just in front of the ear canal. Tragus piercing pain is usually caused when the piercing is done using a gauge hollow needle on the tragus. The hollow needle used for doing the piercing can be straight or curved depending on the shape of the hole needed, position of the tragus and personal preference of the piercer. Whether one feels pain or not in this process of tragus piercing is subjected to the individual piercers tolerance levels. Anatomically, the cartilage in the tragus area is usually soft and hence dose not have many nerves running through it, thus causing less pain.

Similarly in case the piercer has a tragus with very hard cartilage, the piercer has to exert more pressure in using the gauge to make the hole and thus he or she may experience considerable amount of discomfort or pain.

Incidence of Infection in tragus piercing pain

Infection in tragus piercing is a common problem especially when sufficient care is not taken post piercing. It is better to read the process and learn about post piercing care before going in for the treatment as it always pays to be well informed. Tragus piercing pain reduces over time and sometimes the healing process takes 2-4 months. To ensure that you don’t catch any infections it is imperative to get tragus piercing done from professionals. One must also follow the guidance given by them to maintain proper hygiene and to keep the tragus clean.

Symptoms of Tragus Piercing Infection

More than often, once the tragus piercing process is done, one is likely to notice some swelling and pain for few days. This pain usually subsides if you keep cleaning the pierced area with saline solution 2-3 times daily. However in case you feel there is redness or inflammation in the tragus after few days then there are chances of having infected tragus. Sometimes the redness may cause the development of sores or pustules around the tragus piercing. Care needs to be taken so that the condition is not aggravated leading to discharge of yellow or greenish fluid around the region. Once the symptoms are identified, it is better to consult the doctor or professional piercer immediately.

Precautions to avoid tragus piercing pain

There are a list of do’s and don’ts that help in minimizing pain and preventing infection. Let us look at a few of them in detail:

  1. After the tragus piercing, cleansing the pierced area with a saline solution regularly can minimize pain. Take care to consult with the piercer on the kind of saline solution that best suits you rather than you choosing the brand.
  2. Take care to cleanse the tragus pierced area daily atleast 2-3 times till the pain subsides.
  3. Use a cotton ball that is soaked in a disinfectant and use it to clean the area around the jewelry so that the solution enters the hole.
  4. Be sure to wash your hands with an antibacterial solution every time you wish to change your earrings on the tragus. Maintain optimum hygiene all the time.


  1. Try not to handle the jewelry every now and then. Leave it on for few days till the pain is healed.
  2. The tragus area is vulnerable to infection just after the piercing so try to keep it untouched and don’t let anyone touch that area.
  3. Don’t experiment with new jewelry until the pain subsides.


Tragus Piercing Pain depends to a large extent to on how much care and caution you exercise during and after the piercing process. In case of infection, soaking the affected area with sea salt water is helpful. Since prevention is always better than cure, take care not to catch the infection by keeping the pierced area as clean as possible. Before cleaning, bear in mind to wash your hands with a good anti bacterial solution. Also do not change the jewelry or earrings immediately after the piercing as removing and wearing new stuff may cause infection. One must avoid cheap jewelry made of sub standard metals to avoid infections. It is always advisable to go for platinum, gold, and diamond or titanium jewelry during the healing process, as they are safe and secure.

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